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தாவிச் செல்ல: வழிசெலுத்தல், தேடுக

A doctor's website is not a website like any other . A doctor is not a "trader". Doctor sites have the particularity of being subject to a certain number of rules of medical ethics. These are enacted by the National Council of the College of Physicians (CNOM). The latest version of the deontological charterconcerning the online presence of doctors dates from 2014. The Order of Physicians also engages doctors to publish this charter on their website.
Here are the main rules that come out of the Code of Ethics  :
• Regarding the address of the doctor's website, that is to say the domain name: it must clearly refer to the identity of the doctor and his qualifications. If you wish (but it is not compulsory at all) to obtain a domain name in "", you must make the request to the National Council of the Order of Doctors, who owns this name Domain.
• Doctors do not have the right to advertise on the internet , for example by using AdWords. This obligation stems from article 19 of the Public Health Code, which states that "medicine must not be practiced as a business. Any direct or indirect advertising process (...) "is prohibited.
• No rating system is allowed , which can be considered as a form of "indirect advertising".
• You must be identified on your website by your first name, your name and the number assigned to you by the medical certification authorities.
• The sector of convention must appear on the site . As well as your membership, if it is the case, to an approved management association.
• It is not possible to use on its website for doctor an instant messaging feature (a livechat). If you are submitting a contact form, it should be clearly stated that it is not intended to provide medical information.
• Health-related information content should be presented as objectively as possible . Whenever possible, sources should be mentioned. The contents must be updated according to the evolution of legislation or medical research.
Medical Website
• If you have a relationship of interest with pharmaceutical companies or any other health-related company, these should be clearly specified.
Note: It is advisable to inform the Order of Doctors about the posting of your website . On the other hand, the National Council of the Order of Doctors does not issue any approval or label. The provisions contained in this charter are based on three elements: the Code of Public Health, the Code of Medical Ethics, a follow-up of medical sites already online.